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Jacques Gaultier (French, active first half of the 18th century)

and after designs of Armand-Claude Mollet (French, 1650 - 1742)




1725 - 1726; 20th century additions


Painted and gilded wood; brèche d'Alep mantlepiece; modern mirrored glass


396.2 x 815.3 x 670.6 cm (156 x 321 x 264 in.)

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Carved, painted, and gilded wood paneling (boiserie) formed the main decoration of walls in important eighteenth-century rooms. This room was originally used as a bedroom or large cabinet in a private Parisian home at number 18 place Vendôme. In its original state, half of the room was paneled: the pier-glass, the window surrounds, and the fireplace wall. The back wall, where the bed was placed, was hung with fabric.

Not all of the paneling from this room has survived, but the present installation approximates the room's original configuration. Additional modern panels, discernible by their lack of gilding, replace the lost elements. The floor, though old, is not contemporary with the room.

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