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Madonna and Child with Two Hermit Saints

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Madonna and Child with Two Hermit Saints


Bernardino Fungai (Italian (Sienese), 1460 - 1516)




early 1480s


Tempera on panel

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68.6 × 45.7 cm (27 × 18 in.)

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Object Description

In a typically Sienese manner, Bernardino Fungai mingled elements of Gothic art--a tooled gold background--with the new Renaissance ideas of three-dimensionality. Fungai presented the hermit saints in three-quarter view to display his knowledge of the new concept of foreshortening, yet he retained a typically Sienese interest in decorative patterning, as seen in the Virgin's elaborate drapery. He tilted Christ's painted halo in perspective, but he incised those of the saints and the Virgin into the background. Fungai also effectively employed the characteristic linear harmonies of Sienese art in the gentle contours of the docile Virgin's mantle, the subtle scallops of her white headgear, the fluttery end of Christ's transparent drapery, and the saints' wavy beards.

- 1910

Private Collection [sold, Drouot, Paris, April 21, 1910, lot 41, probably to dealer Charles Francis Williamson.]

1910 - 1911

Charles Francis Williamson, American, 1871 - 1915 [sold, Williamson sale, Fifth Avenue Art Galleries, New York, March 4, 1911, lot 37, to "Geo. Carmen" for 2100 [dollars].]
Source: annotated sale catalogue from the Met: Fifth Avenue Art Galleries, New York. Catalogue [...] C.F. Williamson. March 4, 1911.

by 1912

Stilson Hutchins, 1838 - 1912 (Washington, D.C.), by inheritance to his son, Lee Hutchins, 1912.

1912 - 1924

Lee Hutchins, 1862 - 1924 (Washington, D.C.), by inheritance to his niece, Mildred Rogers Penn, and her husband, Raymond Penn, 1924.

1924 - 1963

Mildred Rogers Penn, 1892 - 1963 (Boston, Massachusetts) and Raymond Penn, 1895 - 1968 (Boston, Massachusetts), retained by Raymond Penn on his wife's death, 1963.

1963 - 1968

Raymond Penn, 1895 - 1968 (Boston, Massachusetts), by inheritance to his son, John Rogers Penn, 1968.

1968 - 1969

John Rogers Penn, 1926 - 2002 (Los Angeles, California), sold through Frederick B. Anthon (Los Angeles, California; Bern, Switzerland) to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1969.


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