Double Desk

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Double Desk


Bernard II van Risenburgh (French, after 1696 - about 1766, master before 1730)


French (Paris)


Paris, France (Place created)


1750 00:00:00


Oak veneered with tulipwood, kingwood and bloodwood; drawers of mahogany; gilt-bronze mounts


107.8 × 158.7 × 84.7 cm (42 7/16 × 62 1/2 × 33 3/8 in.)

Credit Line:

Gift of J. Paul Getty

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The double form of this unusually large desk is unique. When lowered, both sides form writing surfaces and reveal drawers and pigeonholes veneered with marquetry. The finely cast and chased gilt-bronze mounts delineate the edges of the drawers, front, and legs. On the fall fronts of the desk, bunches of marquetry flowers seem to sprout from the sculptural mounts.

The desk was probably made for the fermier général (a type of tax collector) François-Balthazar Dangé; a similar desk is described in an inventory taken at his death in 1777. The desk is also found in the 1795 inventory of his son Louis, who was guillotined during the French Revolution.

- 1777

Possibly François-Balthazar Dangé du Fay, fermier général (Hôtel de Villemare, Place Vendôme, Paris, France), recorded in the inventory after the death of his wife Anne (née Jarry), March 27, 1772, and also in the inventory after his own death, March 6, 1777, sold September 1, 1777, Paris, to his nephew and heir, Louis-Balthazar Dangé de Bagneux.

1777 - 1795

Louis-Balthazar Dangé de Bagneux, fermier général, 1739 - 1794, recorded in the inventory after his death in 1795, by inheritance to his wife Anne-Marie Sanson.

1795 -

Anne-Marie Sanson, recorded in the inventory after her death, by descent to her daughter Marie-Emilie-Françoise Dangé.


Marie-Emilie-Françoise Dangé , married to Augustin Creuzé (in rue Saint-Honoré, Paris, France)

by about 1850 - 1951

Dukes of Argyll (Inveraray Castle, Argyll, Scotland), sold by Ian, 11th Duke of Argyll, 1951


Sir Robert Henry Edward Abdy, fifth Bart., English, 1896 - 1976 (London, England)

- 1952

Rosenberg & Stiebel, Inc. (New York City, New York), 1952, sold to J. Paul Getty, 1952.

1952 - 1970

J. Paul Getty, American, 1892 - 1976, donated to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1970.

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