Portrait of a Bearded Man

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Portrait of a Bearded Man


Jacopo Bassano (Italian, about 1510 or 1515 - 1592)




about 1550


Oil on canvas


62.2 x 54.9 cm (24 1/2 x 21 5/8 in.)

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A melancholy middle-aged man with a florid complexion, a long beard, and large, watery eyes looks to the side. His head inclines to the right as though he is listening to or observing someone outside the picture frame. His small, soft, half-open mouth seems about to speak. The unknown man's slightly protuberant eyes communicate an emotional state that provokes a sympathetic response from the viewer. Jacopo Bassano emphasized the man's strong, physical presence by the darkened shadow cast against the wall on the left, the solid mass of his upper body, and the way his flesh is modeled to suggest the underlying bone structure of his skull.

by 1880 - 1907

Cyril Flower, first baron Battersea, 1843 - 1907 (London, England; The Pleasaunce, Norfolk, England), by inheritance to his wife, Constance de Rothschild Flower, 1907.

1907 - 1931

Constance de Rothschild Flower, baroness Battersea, 1843 - 1931 (London, England; The Pleasaunce, Norfolk, England), possibly by inheritance or by gift to her first cousin once removed, Anthony Gustav de Rothschild, 1931.

1931 - 1939

Anthony Gustav de Rothschild, 1887 - 1961 (Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England) [sold, Rothschild sale, Christie's, London, May 25, 1939, lot 251, to Singer.]

1939 -


- 1964

Carl Marks (New York, New York) [sold, Marks sale, Sotheby's, London, December 2, 1964, lot 125, to Frederick Mont, Inc.]

1964 - 1969

Frederick Mont, Inc. (New York, New York), sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1969.

Exhibition of Works by the Old Masters and by Deceased Masters of the British School (January 5 to March 13, 1880) (as Venetian School)
  • Royal Academy of Arts (London)
Exhibition of Venetian Art (1894 to 1895) (as Moroni.)
  • New Gallery, (London)
Jacopo Bassano c. 1510 - 1592 (September 5, 1992 to April 25, 1993) (as Moroni.)
  • Kimbell Art Museum, (Fort Worth), January 23 to April 25, 1993
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