The Toilette of Psyche from The Story of Psyche tapestry series

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The Toilette of Psyche from The Story of Psyche tapestry series


After design by François Boucher (French, 1703 - 1770)
woven under the direction of Nicolas Besnier (French, 1714 - 1754)
and Jean-Baptiste Oudry (French, 1686 - 1755)
Beauvais Manufactory (French, founded 1664)




Beauvais, France (Place created)


1741 to 1742


Wool and silk; modern cotton lining


335.3 × 266.7 cm (132 × 105 in.)

Credit Line:

Gift of J. Paul Getty

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Beside a fountain on an outdoor stone terrace, Psyche is groomed by her attendants. Two maids stand behind Psyche and dress her hair. A large mirror reflects her face and one of her attendants. To the left of the mirror, an attendant appears transfixed by Psyche's beauty; another displays a length of pink silk fabric. At the right edge, a seated attendant sorts flowers and converses with a maid who carries powder and perfume on a silver tray. Psyche is probably being prepared for her first night with her new husband, Cupid.

Nicolas Besnier, a silversmith and co-director of the Beauvais manufactory, probably advised Boucher on the trio of elaborate silver objects in the foreground--a large pitcher, basin, and tray.

Jean-Baptiste Oudry also assisted with this tapestry.

1743 - 1765

Woven for Guillaume Castanier d'Auriac, French, 1702 - 1765, as one of three tapestries delivered by the Beauvais Manufactory in 1743.

before 1793

Possibly Jules Charles Henri de Clermont-Tonnerre, duc de Clermont-Tonnerre, French, 1720 - 1794, as one of three tapestries.

before 1876

Anthony Nathan de Rothschild, first Bart., English, 1810 - 1876 (London, England), as one of three tapestries.

- 1931

Henry Walters, American, 1848 - 1931 (Baltimore, Maryland)

1931 - 1941

Mrs. Sara (Green) Walters [sold, Parke-Bernet Galleries, New York, April 26, 1941, lot 739.]


French and Company, Inc. (New York, New York), sold to J. Paul Getty, 1941.

1941 - 1963

J. Paul Getty, American, 1892 - 1976, donated to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1963.

Casting Nature: François-Thomas Germain's Machine d'Argent (July 11, 2006 to March 25, 2007)
  • The J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Center (Los Angeles), July 11, 2006 to March 25, 2007

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