Portrait of Agostino Pallavicini

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Portrait of Agostino Pallavicini


Anthony van Dyck (Flemish, 1599 - 1641)




about 1621


Oil on canvas


216.2 x 141 cm (85 1/8 x 55 1/2 in.)

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Agostino Pallavicini, a member of the Genoese branch of the Pallavicini family and the future doge of Genoa, sits enveloped by the sumptuous, flowing red robes worn in his role as ambassador to the Pope. The wide expanse of fabric, spectacularly rendered, seems to have a life of its own and almost threatens to take over the painting. The luxurious swirl of cloth, its brilliant sheen, and the way it glimmers and reflects light display Anthony van Dyck's virtuosity as a painter. The family coat of arms seen on the drapery behind the sitter at the left, along with other documented portraits, firmly establishes Pallavicini's identity.

In 1621 Van Dyck left Antwerp and traveled to Italy, where he stayed for five years, viewing large private collections of Italian paintings and painting various portraits. This was one of the first paintings he made in Italy, painted in 1621 to commemorate the sitter's service as an ambassador to the newly elected Pope Gregory XV.

about 1621 -

Agostino Pallavicini, died 1649, by inheritance to Ansaldo Pallavincini.

Ansaldo Pallavicini, by inheritance to Anna Maria Pallavicini.

Anna Maria Pallavicini, by inheritance to Paolo Francesco Doria.

- 1732

Paolo Francesco Doria, died 1732, by inheritance to Maddelena Doria.

Maddelena Doria, by inheritance to Paolo Francesco Spinola.

- 1824

Paolo Francesco Spinola, died 1824, by inheritance to Giacomo Spinola di Luccoli.

Giacomo Spinola di Luccoli

1841 -

Andrew Wilson, sold to Joseph Hawley.

Sir Joseph Henry Hawley, third Bart., 1814 - 1875, by inheritance to Henry James Hawley.

by 1879 -

Sir Henry James Hawley, fourth Bart., 1815 - 1898 (Brighton, East Sussex, England)

- 1887

Martin H. Colnaghi, 1821 - 1908 (London, England), sold to Arthur Pemberton Heywood-Lonsdale.

1887 - 1897

Arthur Pemberton Heywood-Lonsdale, died 1897 (Shavington, Shropshire, England), by inheritance to Henry Heywood-Lonsdale, 1897.

1897 - 1930

Lt. Col. Henry Heywood-Lonsdale, died 1930 (Shavington, Shropshire, England), by inheritance to A. Heywood-Lonsdale, 1930.

1930 - 1968

Lt. Col. A. Heywood-Lonsdale (Shavington, Shropshire, England), sold through Thomas Agnew & Sons, Ltd. (London, England) to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1968.

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