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The Flagellation

Object Details


The Flagellation


Simon Bening (Flemish, about 1483 - 1561)




Bruges, Belgium (Place Created)


about 1525–1530


Tempera colors, gold paint, and gold leaf on parchment

Object Number:

Ms. Ludwig IX 19 (83.ML.115), fol. 154v


Leaf: 16.8 × 11.4 cm (6 5/8 × 4 1/2 in.)

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Object Description

Stripped of his clothing, Christ stands bound to a marble column in the center of this miniature. Blood from the beating he has already endured covers his entire body and forms a pool at his feet. Simon Bening chose to depict the most dramatic moment possible: all four of the torturers swing back their whips at the same time, making the viewer anticipate the simultaneous strikes that Christ's already broken body will have to endure.

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