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[Cartes-de-visite album of French actors, actresses, and dancers]

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[Cartes-de-visite album of French actors, actresses, and dancers]


Disdéri & Cie.

Adolphe Bilordeaux (French, born 1807)

G.M. Legé (French, born 1809, active Paris, France)

André Adolphe-Eugène Disdéri (French, 1819 - 1889)

Alexandre Ken & Cie.

Pierre Petit (French, 1832 - 1909)

Franck (François-Marie-Louis-Alexandre Gobinet de Villecholles) (French, 1816 - 1906)

A. Coudret (French, active 1860s)

André Giroux (French, 1801 - 1879)

Charles Reutlinger (French, 1816 - after 1880, active Paris, France)

Anatole Pougnet (French, active 1870s)

Ulric Grob (French, active 1860s)

Pesme (French, active 1850 - 1870s)

Larauza (French, active 1860s)

V. Muzet (French, active 1860s)

Charles (French, active 1870s)

Weyler (French, active 1860s)

Numa Fils (French, active 1870s - 1880s)

Pierre Louis Pierson (French, 1822 - 1913)

Alphonse J. Liebert (French, 1827 - 1913)

A. Loisel (French, active 1860s)

Dalligny (French, active 1860s)

Victor Plumier (French, active 1840 - 1850)

Odinot (French, active 1860s)

Carl Borntraeger (German, active 1860s - 1870s)

L. Haase & Co.

Weber & Neumann

Meltzer (French, active 1860s)

H. Lehmann & Co.

Ludwig Angerer (Austrian, 1827 - 1879)

Juan Laurent (French, 1816 - 1886)

J. Szekely (Austrian, 1838 - 1901)

Dee Detournay (French, active 1860s)

Hermann Matsen (French, active 1860s)

Szekely & Gertinger

Mulnier, Mayer & Pierson

L. Straszak (French, active 1860s)

Alessandro Duroni (Italian, 1807 - 1870)

A. Loecherer (French, active 1860s)

Bidoit (Belgian, active 1850s)

F. Brandseph (German, 1826 - 1915)

César Mitkiewicz (Belgian, active 1860s)

César Mitkiewicz et Cie.

Charles Jacotin (French, active 1860s - 1870s)

Delbarre et Cie.

Adolphe Peemans (French, active 1860s)

Ph. Muller (French, active 1860s)

V. Daufferta (Russian, active 1860s)

Thomassin (French, active 1860s)

Alexandre Ken (French ?, active 1860s)

Susse Fres, Estienne & Cie

Numa Blanc & Cie.

Léon Crémière (French, 1831 - after 1882)

Leon Crémière & Cie.

Mayer & Pierson (French, active 1855 - 1878)

Nadar [Gaspard Félix Tournachon] (French, 1820 - 1910)

Adolphe Peemans (French, active 1860s)

Petit & Trinquart (French, founded 1858)


Vaury & Cie. (French, active Paris, France 19th century)

Alphonse Giroux & Cie.


France (Place Created)




Albumen silver print

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44.8 × 32.7 cm (17 5/8 × 12 7/8 in.)

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Capitalizing on the popularity of calling cards in the mid-1800s, the French photographer A.A.E. Disdéri seized upon the idea of pasting photographs to small cards. Cheap to produce, the carte-de-visite instantly became a popular form of portraiture during the 1850s and 60s. Images of celebrities and performers were in high demand and it was not unusual for a collector to assemble a group of such cards in one large album. Among the various dancers shown here is the noted ballerina Marie Petipa.

- 1984

André Jammes, sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1984.