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The Liberation of Saint Peter

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The Liberation of Saint Peter


Laurent de La Hyre (French, 1606 - 1656)




about 1647


Black chalk and brown wash

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23.8 × 19.7 cm (9 3/8 × 7 3/4 in.)

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Object Description

In this simple yet dramatic composition, an angel leads Saint Peter past the sleeping guards, releasing him from King Herod's imprisonment on the night before his trial. Early Christians traditionally regarded the episode as symbolic of the coming deliverance of the Church from persecution.

With its elegantly posed figures, carefully drawn drapery, and delicate combination of black chalk and brown wash, this scene epitomizes Laurent de la Hyre's refined, distinctive draftsmanship. Powerful lines representing supernatural light emanate from the angel and focus the viewer's eye on the two protagonists. Silhouetted against this brilliant light, Saint Peter's strong form resembles a three-dimensional statue. The bodies of the sleeping soldiers anchor the scene at the bottom, echoing the heavy, intersecting beams in the upper right.


Sir Anthony Frederick Blunt, British, 1907 - 1983

April 18, 1989

Art Market (London)

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