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first half of 2nd century A.D.



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16.5 cm (6 1/2 in.)

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Gift of Barbara and Lawrence Fleischman

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Object Description

Salus (Greek: Hygieia) was the daughter of Asclepius, the god of healing and medicine; her name in both Greek and Latin translates as health. Here, she holds one of her father's healing snakes coiled around her arm and wears many layers of garments. Over a thin chiton with button sleeves is a peplos, and over that, a himation. The goddess’s hair is swept back from her face and the top section is tied in a bowknot over her forehead. The rest is drawn loosely back and then confined by a wide band or abbreviated head-cloth. It emerges in a pony tail of curls high on the back of the head. Other locks escape in studied disorder at the neck. The statuette is probably a small-scale version of a Hellenistic statue, replicas of which are known in varying scales and media.

The figure was probably made as a pair with another of her father [96.AB.195.1].  Both would have served as votive offerings or objects of devotion in a household shrine.

- 1988

Robin Symes (London, England), sold to Barbara and Lawrence Fleischman, 1988.

by 1994 - 1996

Barbara Fleischman and Lawrence Fleischman, American, 1925 - 1997 (New York, New York), donated to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1996.

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  • The Cleveland Museum of Art (Cleveland), February 14 to April 23, 1995

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