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Attic Red-Figure Oinochoe (Shape III, Chous)

Object Details


Attic Red-Figure Oinochoe (Shape III, Chous)


Greek (Attic)


Athens, Greece (Place Created)

Vulci, Italy (Place Found)


about 420 B.C.



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17.3 cm (6 13/16 in.)

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Object Description

Three boys wearing leafy crowns play knucklebones on this Athenian red-figure oinochoe or jug. This special form of oinochoe, called a chous, was used during the Anthesteria, a three-day festival in honor of Dionysos, the god of wine. On the first day of the festival, the new wine was opened; a drinking contest on the second day used these jugs to hold a standard amount of wine.

The scenes depicted on the choes often portray the revelry of the festival and the activities of children. The prevalent role of children in the decoration of choes presumably reflects the importance of the festival to children. On the second day of the festival, in addition to the drinking contest, three-year-old boys were formally accepted into their fathers' kinship groups, becoming part of the community.


Found: Vulci, Italy (Caliò 2000, 716-19 reproduces an 1891 list of objects in Falcioni's collection in which the Vulci provenance is documented)

by 1876

Bonifacio Falcioni (Viterbo, Italy)

by 1894 - 1898

Count Michel Tyszkiewicz, Polish, 1828 - 1897 (Rome, Italy) [Collection d'Antiquites du Comte Michel Tszykiewicz. Hotel des Commissaire-Priseurs, Paris, 6-7 June, 1898, lot 18.]

- 1939

Martine-Marie-Pol de Béhague, comtesse de Béarn, French, 1870 - 1939 (Paris, France), by inheritance to her nephew, Marqués Octave Marie Hubert de Ganay Bèhague, 1939.

1939 - 1974

Marquis Octave Marie Hubert de Ganay, French, French, 1888 - 1974, by inheritance to his son, Jean-Louis Hubert, 1974.

1974 - 1987

Marquis Jean-Louis Hubert de Ganay, French, 1922 - 2013 [sold, Antiquites et Objets d'Art: Collection de Martine, Comptesse de Behague, provenant de la Succession du Marquis de Ganay, Sotheby's, Monaco, December 5, 1987, lot 147.]

- 1989

D. J. Susmani, sold to Barbara and Lawrence Fleischman, 1989.

1989 - 1996

Barbara Fleischman and Lawrence Fleischman, American, 1925 - 1997 (New York, New York), sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1996.

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