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Statuette of Mars-Cobannus

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Statuette of Mars-Cobannus






Roman Empire (Place Created)

Eastern Gaul (France), France (Place Found)


A.D. 125–175



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76 × 25 × 18 cm (29 15/16 × 9 13/16 × 7 1/16 in.)

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Object Description

A youthful figure wears a typical costume for the northern Roman provinces: a long-sleeved tunic, leggings, and a cloak fastened with a round brooch. On his head he wears a contemporary Roman helmet, rather than the classicizing headgear found on most Roman sculpture. The whites of his eyes are silvered and the irises drilled. The figure's pose looks odd now, but he originally held a spear in his upraised right hand and rested his left hand on a shield. The Latin inscription on the base reads, "Sacred to the venerable god Cobannus, Lucius Maccius Aeternus, duumvir, [dedicated this] in accordance with a vow." The statue probably represents Cobannus, a local deity who was equivalent to Mars, the Roman god of war. The family of Lucius Maccius Aeternus is known from other inscriptions in Gaul and must have been important, for a duumvir was one of the two chief magistrates of a Roman colony.

This statuette is said to have been found in France, in the Roman province of Gaul, along with the Pair of Portrait Busts and the Offering Box. These pieces were probably all displayed together in a local shrine of the Iuventus, a Roman youth organization.


Found: Eastern Gaul (France), France (near Besancon in Fellman 2000; between Annecy and Annemasse in Pollini 2002)

- 1989

Jean-Luc Chalmin (Pfaffhausen, Switzerland), sold to Barbara and Lawrence Fleischman, 1989.

1989 - 1996

Barbara Fleischman and Lawrence Fleischman, American, 1925 - 1997 (New York, New York), sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1996.

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