Job on the Dung Heap

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Job on the Dung Heap


Jean Bourdichon (French, 1457 - 1521)




Tours, France (Place created)


about 1480 - 1485


Tempera colors, gold, and ink on parchment


Leaf: 16.4 × 11.6 cm (6 7/16 × 4 9/16 in.)

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The ailing Job, having suffered many afflictions, including the loss of his children, his riches, and even his health, is reduced to resting on a reeking heap of dung. The course of events in this Old Testament story began when God asked Satan if he had noticed the piety of the good man Job. Satan replied that it was easy for a successful and happy man to be faithful. God then took away Job's worldly comforts one by one to test his faith. In the end, Job recognized that he could not fathom God's workings, only submit in humility to his decrees.

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