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Balsamarium in the Form of a Boxer's Head

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Balsamarium in the Form of a Boxer's Head






Eastern Mediterranean, Egypt (?) (Place Created)


A.D. 1–100


Bronze with silver

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17.1 × 15 cm (6 3/4 × 5 7/8 in.)

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Object Description

Wearing a tight leather helmet, this ancient boxer grimaces fiercely and aggressively confronts the viewer. A curled lip reveals the gaps of missing teeth. His expression causes muscles in his face to stand out along his jaw, cheeks, neck, temples and forehead. His cheeks are clean-shaven, but small tufts of hair bristle at the corners of his mouth. Originally, his eyes and teeth were inlaid with silver, and a handle was attached to the holes on either side of his head.

The vessel served as a balsamarium or situla, a container for holding ointments or oils. Athletes often used such unguents after practice or competition, and so the head of a boxer is an especially appropriate choice for this type of vessel. Though the face looks distinctive, it is best seen as a generic image or type. If offers a stereotyped, or perhaps even exaggerated, depiction of an experienced boxer.

- 1888

Henri Hoffmann, 1823 - 1897 (Paris, France) [sold, Catalogue des objets d'art antiques, vases peints, marbres, bronzes, argenterie, poids grecs, ivoires, expert M.H. Hoffmann, Hotel Drouot, Paris, lot 416.]

by 1892 - 1898

Count Michel Tyszkiewicz, Polish, 1828 - 1897 (Paris, France) [sold, Collection d'antiquites du Comte Michel Tyszkiewicz, Hotel Drouot, Paris, June 8-10, 1898, lot 153.]

1898 -

Henri Hoffmann, 1823 - 1897 (Paris, France)


Gawain McKinley, 1945 - 1996 (France)

- 2003

or Thomas Howard Sneyd (London, England), sold to Dr. David Greenberg, 2003.


Dr David Greenberg (Chicago, Illinois), sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 2007.

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