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The Return from the Hunt

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The Return from the Hunt


Nicolaes Berchem (Dutch, 1620 - 1683)




Netherlands (Place Created)




Oil on canvas

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74.3 × 63.5 cm (29 1/4 × 25 in.)

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Purchased in part with funds realized from the sale of paintings donated by Burton Fredericksen and William Garred

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Object Description

In the rustic courtyard of an Italian inn, a huntsman on a white horse, and several of his companions, refresh themselves. A multitude of hounds rest in the shadows; and the prize of the hunt, a deer, lies in the right foreground. Two huntsmen converse with a hostess-- perhaps regaling her with tales from the day's chase. On the balcony above, a washerwoman sets out laundry. At left, partly shrouded in shade, a woman serves two seated men. Above this trio, two pairs of tiny figures explore the upper reaches of the towering ruin behind the inn.

Nicolaes Berchem is best known for his imaginary Italianate landscapes. In these panoramic paintings, figures generally play a secondary role. By contrast, in The Return From the Hunt, Berchem focused on the interaction between figures and architectural setting rather than the landscape. The unusual vertical format showcases the artist's command of light. Light falling on the mounted horseman also illuminates the woman on the balcony as well as the figures on the left.

Hunters at rest was a popular subject among northern genre painters in the 1600s. In this painting, the pose of the man in blue, seen from the rear, quotes a well-known ancient sculpture of Hercules. Berchem may have seen this sculpture in person or copied it after an engraving.

before 1778

Heer Servad (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) [sold, Ploos van Amstel, Winter, and Yver, Amsterdam, June 25, 1778, lot 3, to Pierre Fouquet Jr.]
Source: John Smith. Catalogue Raisonné (1834), vol. 5, p. 28, no. 70.

1778 -

Pierre Fouquet, Jr., 1729 - 1800 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

by 1787

Jules-David de Cromot, Baron du Bourg, French, 1725 - 1786 [sold, Paillet (Expert), Vallet (Commissaire-Priseur), Paris, January 29, 1787, lot 7, to "Hamon".]
Source: John Smith. Catalogue Raisonné (1834), vol. 5, p. 28, no. 70.

1787 -

Hamon, French, (Paris, France)
Source: GRI, Provenance Index database, sale catalog F-A889, lot 0007, “Buyer: Hamon” from catalog annotation.

by 1793

Vicomte Édouard de Walkuers, Flemish, 1758 - 1837 [sold, Paillet (Expert), Paris, May 10, 1793, lot 56.]
Source: GRI, Provenance Index database, sale catalog F-A1054 notes, annotated catalogs list the names “Valkers” and “Valguerse” which have been correlated with spellings for the Brussels banker, Edouard de Walkuers. Previously listed as “Walckiers” on this entry.

before 1816

Étienne Delessert, French, 1735 - 1816 (Paris, France), by inheritance to his son, Jules-Paul-Benjamin Delessert, 1816.
Source: Posthumous estate inventory, November 21, 1816, no. 139.

1816 - 1847

Jules-Paul-Benjamin Delessert, French, 1773 - 1847 (Paris, France), by inheritance to his brother, Baron François-Benjamin-Marie Delessert.
Source: Posthumous estate inventory, March 22, 1847.

1847 - 1869

Baron François-Benjamin-Marie Delessert, 1780 - 1868 (Paris, France) [unsold, Pillet (Commissaire-Priseur), Petit (Expert), Paris, March 15-18, 1869, lot 8, bought in, passed to Caroline (Delessert) Hottinguer, 1869.]
Source: Posthumous estate inventory, February 10, 1868, no. 14.

1869 - 1880

Caroline (Delessert) Hottinguer, French, 1814 - 1880 (Paris, France), by inheritance within the Delessert family.

1880 - 1911

Delessert Family, French, [sold, Delessert sale, Féral (Expert), Baudoin (Commissaire-Priseur), Paris, May 11, 1911, lot 21 , to M. Pape.]
Source: GRI, annotated sale catalog, Delessert sale, May 11, 1911.

1911 -

M. Pape
Note: This is likely Edouard Pape, who was the expert at the following sale on April 23, 1920.

- 1920

Private Collection [sold, Hôtel Drouot, Paris, April 23, 1920, lot 23.]

- 1921

Private Collection [sold, Galerie Georges Petit, Paris, May 4, 1921, lot 13, to "Morpurgo".]
Source: Metropolitan Museum’s annotated copy of the sale catalog, Galerie Georges Petit, May 4, 1921.

1921 -

Morpurgo (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Note: This is likely Louis Morpurgo (1875-1942) who ran his family’s gallery in Amsterdam, Joseph Morpurgo & Co.


Van Diemen & Co. (The Hague, the Netherlands)

by 1931 - 1960

Dr. Cornelis Johannes Karel van Aalst, Dutch, 1866 - 1939 (Hui-te-Hoevelaken, near Utrecht) [On loan to the Centraal Museum, Utrecht from 1931; sold, Christie's, London, April 1, 1960, lot 5, to Hans M. Cramer.]
Source: Label on verso of painting; Christie’s, Catalogue of Highly Important Netherlandish Pictures, April 1, 1960.


Hans M. Cramer (The Hague) [sold, Kunsthandlung G. Cramer, z.Hd. Herrn H. M. Cramer, The Hague, June 7, 1960, to Herbert Girardet (Cologne).]
Source: Cramer-Girardet correspondence, Cramer Archive (GRI, Special Collections, 2001.M.5, boxes 49-50, March-July 1960, folder G).

1960 - at least 1970

Herbert Girardet, 1910 - 1972 (Kettwig, Germany)
Source: Cramer-Girardet correspondence Cramer Archive (GRI, Special Collections, 2001.M.5, boxes 49-50, April-June 1960, folder G).

- by 1980s

Charles Roelofsz (Amsterdam) [sold to Victor Waterman.]
Source: Correspondence, Victor Waterman (2010).

by 1980s - 1986

K. & V. Waterman [sold, Kunsthandel Waterman, Amsterdam, September 3, 1960, to Michal Hornstein (Montreal).]
Source: Shipping document (Waterman Archive, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C.); correspondence, Victor Waterman (2010).

1986 - 1998

Michal Hornstein (Montreal) [sold, Sotheby's, New York, January 30, 1998, lot 89, to Otto Naumann, Ltd.]

1998 -

Otto Naumann, Ltd., New York [sold to Bert Van Deun.]

by 1999 - 2004

Bert Van Deun, 1931 - 2004, by inheritance to his wife, Mia Van Deun, 2004.

2004 - 2005

Mia Van Deun [sold to Robert Noortman, Noortman Master Paintings, Maastricht.]

2005 - 2006

Noortman Master Paintings [sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum.]

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