The Grand Canal in Venice with Palazzo Bembo

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The Grand Canal in Venice with Palazzo Bembo


Francesco Guardi (Italian, 1712 - 1793)




about 1768


Oil on canvas


47 × 76.5 cm (18 1/2 × 30 1/8 in.)

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A luminous morning haze bathes Venice's Grand Canal. Guided by oarsmen, gondolas and cargo boats glide through the placid water; their hulls traverse the gentle reflections cast by the surrounding buildings. Masts and vertical pilings punctuate the pale, overcast sky. Buildings of varying shapes and scale--but all sharing a muted palette--extend from edge to edge and deep into the distance. On the right, a few early-risers mill about on the banks of the canal.

Francesco Guardi often painted vedute, or views, of Venice's principal waterway. Many of the buildings in this view were palaces of important Venetian families. The most prominent among them is the two-toned Palazzo Bembo on the canal's left bank. Its owners, and Guardi's likely patrons, even appear on the palace's upper balcony.

Guardi appreciated Venice as a city of constant change rather than as a static tourist destination. On the right side, behind the tiny figures on shore, he depicted the Church of San Geremia in the midst of its renovation. The two-toned facade of the Palazzo Bembo draws attention to a recent addition to this Renaissance palace. Amid this urban transformation, Guardi reveals the transitory effects of weather and water on his life-long home of Venice.

about 1768 -

Possibly commissioned by Carlo Spinola Marchese de Rocca Forte, about 1768.

1880s - 1933

John Jaffé, died 1933, by inheritance to his wife, Anna Jaffé.

1933 - 1942

Anna Jaffé, died 1942, looted by the Vichy Government of France, 1942.

1942 - 1943

In the possession of the Vichy government of France, [sold Hotel Savoy, Nice, July 12-13, 1943, lot 99, to Mrs. Bonfils.]

1943 - 1944

Mrs. Bonfils, sold through Hildebrandt Gurlitt to the Führermuseum, 1944.

1944 - 1945

Führermuseum, restituted to the Collecting Point, Munich.

1945 - 1946

Collecting Point Munich, restituted to the French Government, 1946.

1946 - 1950

In the possession of the French government, Garde-Meuble National, placed on deposit at the Musée du Louvre, Paris, France, 1950.

1950 - 1952

Musée du Louvre, in exchange for another work by Francesco Guardi to the Musée des Augustins, Toulouse, France, 1952.

1952 - 2005

Musée des Augustins, restituted to the heirs of Anna Jaffé, 2005.


Heirs of Anna Jaffé, died 1942, [sold, Christie's, London, July 8, 2005, lot 48, to the J. Paul Getty Museum.]

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