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The Death of the Virgin; The Punishment of the Mockers

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The Death of the Virgin; The Punishment of the Mockers




Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany (Place Created)


about 1400–1410


Tempera colors, gold, silver paint, and ink

Object Number:

Ms. 33 (88.MP.70), fol. 306


Leaf: 33.5 × 23.5 cm (13 3/16 × 9 1/4 in.)

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Object Description

This compilation includes not only Rudolf von Ems's World Chronicle but also Brother Philip'sLife of the Virgin Mary. This miniature illustrates two episodes surrounding the events of the death and burial of the Virgin. In the top scene, the Virgin lies on her deathbed surrounded by the apostles. Peter, in the robes of a priest, reads the Last Rites while another apostle swings a censer. In a swirl of clouds in the top center, Jesus tenderly carries the Virgin's soul, represented as a small figure already wearing her heavenly crown, to Heaven.

In the lower scene, the apostles carry the Virgin's coffin to the burial site. According to legend, the chief priest led a group of Jews to protest the burial, but when they tried to stop the entourage, their hands stuck to the Virgin's bier and withered. The artist represented most of the protesters as soldiers. Two who have fallen beneath the bier hold up their withered hands. On the left, Peter puts his hand on the chief priest, dressed as a soldier, miraculously curing him after the priest promises to convert.

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