Initial D: The Anointing of David

Object Details


Initial D: The Anointing of David


Bute Master (Franco-Flemish, active about 1260 - 1290)




Northeastern (illuminated) France Europe Paris (written) France Europe (Place created)


text and illumination about 1285


Tempera colors, gold, and iron gall ink on parchment

Object Number:

Ms. 46, fol. 32v


Leaf: 17 × 11.9 cm (6 11/16 × 4 11/16 in.)

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Within the initial D opening Psalm 26, Samuel annoints King David, traditionally believed to be the author of the psalms. The heartfelt poetic text on the right reads: Dominus illuminat[i]o mea et salus mea. Quem timebo (The Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom will I fear?). On the left, the illuminator playfully extended the lines of the historiated initial into the margin, painting a series of swirling vine leaves. On the vine extension across the bottom of the page, a woman with a drum gracefully sways, her right hand held to her ear. The gesture of listening and the reference to music may refer to the singing of the psalms in devotional practice.

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