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Chronique de Normandie

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Chronique de Normandie






Paris, France (Place Created)


about 1400–1415


Tempera colors and gold leaf on parchment bound between pasteboard covered with brown morocco; most miniatures executed in black and brown inks with a gray wash

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Ms. Ludwig XIII 4 (83.MP.147)


Leaf: 29.1 × 19.1 cm (11 7/16 × 7 1/2 in.)

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about 1400 - 1415

Commissioned by David de Rambures, French, 1364 - 1415
Source: P. Anselme, Histoire généalogique et chronologique de la maison royale de France, des pairs, grands officiers de la couronne et de la maison du roy, Paris 1726-1733, t. VIII, pp. 65 ss.
Note: Known as the Grand maître of the arbalétriers (crossbowmen) of the French King Charles VI. (1380-1422), who was consequently the purchaser and first owner of the manuscript.

by 1419

Possibly Tanneguy III du Châtel, English, 1369 - 1446
Source: Coat of arms on ff. 1 and 15v.

early 16th century

Thomas Meredyth, English,
Source: Ownership note on flyleaf.

by 1557

Claude de Lorraine, French, 1526 - 1573
Source: Miniatures with arms of Claude de Lorraine, with inscription: "Tresverteux et magnanime Prince Claude de Lorraine, Duc D'aumale me raporta de la Ville de Calais lors... huictiesme de Janvier 1557."
Note: Was involved in the Dedikationszierseite designated as another owner Claude de Lorraine, Duc d'Aumale (1526-1573), of whose high state offices bear the arms.

- 1816

Sir Thomas Johnes, English, 1748 - 1816

1816 - 1833

Estate of Sir Thomas Johnes, English, 1748 - 1816, the entire library was purchased by Henry Pelham-Clinton, 4th Duke of Newcastle, 1833.

1833 - 1851

Henry Pelham Fiennes Pelham-Clinton, English, 1785 - 1851, by inheritence to his son, Henry Pelham, 5th Duke of Newcastle, 1851.

1851 - 1864

Henry Pelham Pelham-Clinton, English, 1811 - 1864, by inheritence to his son, Henry Pelham-Clinton, 6th Duke of Newcastle, 1864.

1864 - 1879

Henry Alexander Pelham-Clinton, 6th duke of Newcastle, 1834 - 1879, by inheritence to his son, Henry Archibald Pelham-Clinton, 7th Duke of Newcastle, 1879.

1879 - 1928

Henry Pelham Archibald Douglas Pelham-Clinton, English, 1864 - 1928, by inheritence to his nephew, Henry E.H. Pelham-Clinton, 9th Duke of Newcastle, 1928.

1928 - 1937

Henry E. H. Pelham-Clinton-Hope, 16th Earl of Lincoln (1928-1941), 9th Duke of Newcastle (1941-1988), British, 1907 - 1988 [sold, Sotheby's, London, December 6, 1937, lot 942, to Ellis]

1937 - 1960

Ellis & White [sold, Sotheby's, London, February 1, 1960, lot 312, to Maggs Bros.]


Martin Bodmer, Swiss, 1899 - 1971

by 1970

Hans P. Kraus, Sr., American, born Austria, 1907 - 1988

- 1983

Dr. Peter Ludwig, German, 1925 - 1996 and Irene Ludwig, German, 1927 - 2010, sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1983.

Provenance Remarks: Initials on ff. 1 and 15 verso contain a coat of arms which have been identified as that of a member of the Chastel family; this would indicate a possible ownership of the codex by Tanneguy Du Chastel (c. 1358-1446) the noted French statesman and general who instigated the murder of John, Duke of Burgundy, in 1419. An exlibris inscription on the first leaf reads "Iste liber partent a (sic) Thomas Meredyth"; this Meredyth may well have been the owner when Calais was taken by the French in 1557. The coat of arms and inscription on leaf 3 record the fact that the manuscript was part of the booty of Calais which was taken by Charles, Duc d'Aumale, who was the trusted assistant of his brother, the Duc de Guise, the commander in chief of the siege of Calais. In the early 19th century it was owned by the celebrated collector Thomas Johnes, who had many historical manuscripts relating to England. The Johnes library was bought in entirety by the fourth Duke of Newcastle in 1833, and the Johnes-Newcastle mss. were sold in 1937 by the Early of Lincoln, heir of the seventh Duke (Clumber sale, 6 December 1937, this ms. lot 942).

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