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Gospel Book

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Gospel Book






Nicaea, Turkey; Nicomedia (or), Turkey (Place Created)


early–late 13th century


Tempera colors and gold leaf

Object Number:

Ms. Ludwig II 5 (83.MB.69)


Leaf: 20.6 × 14.9 cm (8 1/8 × 5 7/8 in.)

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Object Description

This Tetraevangelion, the Greek term for a Gospel book, was made in Byzantium around the time the Crusaders invaded Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1204. The manuscript is luxuriously adorned with nineteen full-page miniatures, including author portraits and narrative scenes; decorated canon tables; ornamental headpieces; and many decorated initials.

The illuminators of this manuscript probably prepared the pages for the miniatures by coating the parchment with egg white. This originally gave the page an admired slick and glossy appearance, but it also led to extensive paint flaking. The flaking was so severe that thirteen of the miniatures were replaced by new pictures in the late 1200s. These later miniatures were painted in the Palaeologan style of Byzantine illumination, noted for its intense emotionalism and drama.

late 13th century

Laurentios, Greek,

early 14th century

Manuel, Greek,

- 1829

Fifth Earl of Guilford Frederick North, British, 1766 - 1827 [sold, The Valuable and Extensive Library of the Late Earl of Guilford Evans, Pall Mall, February 28, 1829, lot 663, to Bohn.]

1829 - 1830

Henry George Bohn, British, 1796 - 1884


John Thomas Payne, English, 1801 - 1874, sold to Thomas Phillipps, 1830.

1830 - 1872

Sir Thomas Phillipps, first Bart, British, 1792 - 1872, by inheritance to his son-in-law, Thomas Fitzroy Fenwick, 1872.

1872 - 1933
1933 - 1965

Private Collection [sale, Sotheby, London, November 30, 1965, lot 8, to H.P. Kraus.]

1965 -

Hans P. Kraus, Sr., American, born Austria, 1907 - 1988


Dr. Peter Ludwig, German, 1925 - 1996 and Irene Ludwig, German, 1927 - 2010, sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1983.

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