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Marquette Bible, 3 vols.

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Marquette Bible, 3 vols.






Lille (probably), France (Place Created)


about 1270


Tempera colors, black ink, and gold leaf on parchment bound between pasteboard covered with reddish brown pigskin

Object Number:

Ms. Ludwig I 8 (83.MA.57)

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Object Description

Monks or nuns probably read aloud from this large Bible at mealtimes in the refectory of a monastery. A team of lay artisans practicing their craft in the thriving commercial cities of the French-Flemish border region wrote and illuminated the book around 1270. From the surviving portions of this manuscript, it is evident that at least six different artists worked on the initials alone; scholars presume that the team of illuminators responsible for the original seven-volume Bible was even larger.

The manuscript's large scale allowed the assembled monks or nuns to appreciate from afar the richness of its decorative scheme. Historiated initials, the usual form of decoration for thirteenth-century bibles, appear at the beginning of each biblical book, and a few fanciful vignettes decorate the margins. The burnished gold backgrounds, dragon motifs, and spiraling tendrils of leaves are characteristic features of northern French Gothic illumination.

In the 1400s, the Bible belonged to the Cistercian convent at Marquette in northeastern France. An inscription in the manuscript in a later hand reports that Philip, Duke of Burgundy, a member of the most influential family of art patrons in late medieval France and Flanders, gave the manuscript to the nuns.


Philippe le Hardi, French, 1342 - 1404

- 1566

Abbey of Marquette
Source: Detailed note by Sir Sidney Cockerell, in Vol. I states that "Marquette was pillaged in 1566 and its library appears to have been dispersed".

by 1575
- 1820

Private Collection [sale, Evans, London May 24, 1820, lot 325.]

- 1892

Edwin H. Lawrence, English, 1819 - 1891 [sold, Sotheby's, London, May 9, 1892, lot 41, to William Morris]

1892 - 1898

William Morris, British, 1834 - 1896 [sold, Sotheby, London, December 5, 1898, lot 168, to Laurence Hodson]

1898 - 1906

Laurence Hodson, British, 1864 - 1933 [sold, Sotheby's, London, December 3, 1906, lot 45, to Quaritch]


Bernard Quaritch, Ltd., sold to Sydney C. Cockerell, 1906

1906 - 1957

Sydney C. Cockerell, English, 1867 - 1962, sold to Arthur Rau, 1957.


Arthur Rau, English, 1898 - 1972 [sold, 20 February, 1957, to H.P. Kraus]

1957 -

Hans P. Kraus, Sr., American, born Austria, 1907 - 1988

- 1983

Dr. Peter Ludwig, German, 1925 - 1996 and Irene Ludwig, German, 1927 - 2010, sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1983.

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