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Attic Black-Figure Dinos and Stand

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Attic Black-Figure Dinos and Stand


Attributed to the Circle of the Antimenes Painter (Greek (Attic), active 530 - 510 B.C.)


Greek (Attic)


Athens, Greece (Place Created)

tomb, Quattro Santi, Capua, Italy (Place Found)


520–510 B.C.



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58 cm (22 13/16 in.)

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Object Description

Ancient Greeks diluted their wine with water, and a large mixing bowl would have been a central component for any symposium. On this black-figure dinos, a battle rages around the top of the rim, evoking the heroic exploits of mythical warriors. Groups of foot soldiers (hoplites), archers and a single cavalryman clash amidst chariot teams.

On the interior of the rim, four ships travel across the sea under full sail. When the vessel was full, they would have appeared to be journeying over the water. Beyond providing an appealing visual effect, the motif offers a lesson for the symposiasts. Just as boats could be shipwrecked by stormy seas, so drinkers could get wrecked by drinking too much wine. Moderate and steady consumption was the way to guarantee an evening’s smooth sailing.

This dinos was discovered in 1873 in a tomb at Capua, an Etruscan settlement just north of Naples, where it had been repurposed as an urn for ashes. The ancient stand is not original to the bowl, and must have been associated either in antiquity or after its discovery.


Found: tomb, Quattro Santi, Capua, Italy (first recorded in Helbig 1873)


Unknown, excavated by Simmaco Doria, 1873.

- 1901

Alfred Bourguignon (Naples, Italy) [sold, Collection d'antiquites provenant de Naples, Hotel Drouot, Paris, March 18 - 21, 1901, lot 14, to Martine-Marie-Pol de Béhague.]

1901 - 1939

Martine-Marie-Pol de Béhague, comtesse de Béarn, French, 1870 - 1939 (Paris, France), by inheritance to her nephew, Octave Marie Hubert, 1939.

1939 - 1974

Marquis Octave Marie Hubert de Ganay, French, French, 1888 - 1974 (Paris, France), by inheritance to his son, Jean-Louis Hubert, 1974.

1974 - 1987

Marquis Jean-Louis Hubert de Ganay, French, 1922 - 2013 [sold, Antiquites et Objets d'Art: Collection de Martine, Comtesse de Behague, provenant de la Succession du Marquis de Ganay, Sotheby's, Monaco, December 5, 1987, lot 149, to Robin Symes, Limited.]

1987 - 1992

Robin Symes, Limited, founded 1977, dissolved 2005 (London, England), sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1992.

Ancient Art from the Permanent Collection (March 16, 1999 to May 23, 2004)
  • The J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Center (Los Angeles), March 16, 1999 to May 23, 2004

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