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View of a Path in the Hague Forest, with Beggars at the Door of a Cottage

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View of a Path in the Hague Forest, with Beggars at the Door of a Cottage


Jan Lievens (Dutch, 1607 - 1674)




about 1654–1658


Pen and brown ink on Asian paper

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22.9 × 38.1 cm (9 × 15 in.)

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Object Description

A narrow road dappled with sunlight winds through a forest, past a cottage where a family is begging for money at the gate. A traveler with a backpack and stick rests in the shade at the path's edge, while in the distance a woman wearing a broad hat carries two buckets on a yoke. The traditional title of the drawing refers to a path in the Haagse Bos, a large forest around The Hague in the Netherlands.

Although Jan Lievens produced this and most of his landscape drawings in the studio, he still managed to capture many minute details: the varied textures of leaves in sunlight, trees with delicate hatching on their trunks, and careful shading on the path to show the sunlight and shadows. Lievens used a rare and costly sheet of Japanese paper for this drawing. The slightly iridescent surface of the paper gives the composition an added warmth and rich sheen. Japanese paper was quite hard to find in the Netherlands during the 1600s, and the only other artist who used it often was Rembrandt, a friend and former colleague of Lievens.


Probably John Spencer, British, 1708 - 1746 (Althorp, Northampton, UK), probably by descent to his son, John Spencer.


Or John Spencer, first earl Spencer, 1734 - 1783, probably by descent to his son, George John Spencer.


George John Spencer, second earl Spencer, British, 1758 - 1834 [sold, T. Philipe, London, June 10, 1811, lot 445.]


William Esdaile, British, 1758 - 1837 [sold, George Jones, London, March 2, 1819, lot 149]

- 1937

Anton W. M. Mensing, 1866 - 1936 [sold, Frederik Muller and Co., Amsterdam, April 27, 1937, lot 341, to Ernst Goldschmidt.]

1937 - 1954

Ernst Goldschmidt, Belgian, 1887 - 1954 (Brussels, Belgium), by inheritance to his heirs.

1954 - 1994

Private Collection [sold, Ader Tajan, Paris, October 28, 1994, lot 38.]

1994 - 2001

Private Collection (New York, New York) [sold, Sotheby's, New York, January 23, 2001, lot 140, to the J. Paul Getty Museum.]

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