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Cape Krio, Cnidus, Turkey (Place Found)


1st century A.D.



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13.7 cm, 0.6562 kg (5 3/8 in., 1.4467 lb.)

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Object Description

This gracefully formed solid gold beaker illustrates the extravagant taste of wealthy Romans. In the classical world, gold represented both divine and secular power, and its display symbolized authority and status.

Distinguished by a subtle convex shape that rises from its small foot and ends with a slightly flared rim, this vessel was clearly made by a highly skilled artisan. A measurement of weight is inscribed on the underside of the beaker’s foot : P II L I, an abbreviation for P[ondo] II, sescuncia I, which equals two pounds one sescuncia, or 24.54 ounces. This differs slightly from the actual weight of the vase, suggesting that it originally had a lid.

The earliest publication of the beaker reports its discovery by sponge-divers at Cape Krio, near the ruins of ancient Knidos (on the coast of south-west Turkey).


Found: Cape Krio, Cnidus, Turkey (first recorded in Froehner 1909)

1906 - 1939

Martine-Marie-Pol de Béhague, comtesse de Béarn, French, 1870 - 1939 (Paris, France), by inheritance to her nephew, Octave Marie Hubert, 1939.

1939 - 1974

Marquis Octave Marie Hubert de Ganay, French, French, 1888 - 1974, by inheritance to his son, Jean-Louis Hubert.

1974 - 1987

Marquis Jean-Louis Hubert de Ganay, French, 1922 - 2013 [sold, Antiquites et Objets d'Art, Collection de Martine, Comtesse de Behague provenant de la Succession du Marquis de Ganay, Sotheby's, Monaco, December 5, 1987, lot 53, to Robin Symes.]

1987 - 2001

Robin Symes, Limited, founded 1977, dissolved 2005 (London, England), sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 2001.


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