Set of four wall lights

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Set of four wall lights


Model by Claude-Jean Pitoin (French, active about 1777 - 1784, master 1778)
casting and chasing attributed to Louis-Gabriel Féloix (French, 1729 - 1812, master 1754)




Paris, France (Place created)




Gilt bronze

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These finely chased wall lights represent the bounty of the harvest season. The central shaft symbolizes the thyrsus, or rod, of Bacchus, the Greek god of wine, a traditional symbol of abundance. The branches of the light form cornucopias overflowing with fruit, flowers, and leaves. Claude-Jean Pitoin made this set of four wall lights to illuminate the small private room that Marie-Antoinette used as a retreat at the palace of Versailles. As with all the objects made for the French queen, the set of small wall lights are of the highest quality. The chasing and the gilding of this light is jewel-like in its remarkable finish, proof of the care that went into its production.

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