The Road from Versailles to Saint-Germain

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The Road from Versailles to Saint-Germain


Alfred Sisley (English, 1839 - 1899)






Oil on canvas


51.1 × 65.1 cm (20 1/8 × 25 5/8 in.)

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A bend in the road with tiny, rapidly drawn figures appears amid the lush, green trees on the left. To the right, the landscape opens out with a view of a vineyard on a distant hill. Rather than simply representing the specifics of a location, Alfred Sisley painted the glorious golden light of a summer's day, flickering in the trees and the long grasses. He painted this plein-air landscape study somewhere near the road on the way from Versailles to Saint-Germain. The painting's broken strokes of brilliant color and the impressionistic brushstrokes that serve as figures would have defined it as a rough sketch, but Sisley judged it complete and presented it as a beautiful finished work.

- 1892

Camentron (Paris, France), sold to Durand - Ruel & Cie, 1892.

1892 - 1918

Durand-Ruel & Cie (New York, New York; Paris, France), sold to Harald Horst Halvorsen, 1918.
Source: JPGM Paintings Department, curatorial files, letter from Caroline Durand Ruel Godfroy, January 23, 2001.

1918 -

Harald Horst Halvorsen (Oslo, Norway)

- 1936

André Schoeller, 1879 - 1955 (Paris, France), sold to Tooth, (Arthur), and Sons, 1936.

1936 - 1943

Tooth, (Arthur), and Sons (London, England), sold to J.P. Hughes, 1943.

1943 -

J. P. Hughes (Cambridge, England), by inheritance within the Hughes family.

by 1963

Mr. Peter Hughes (United Kingdom)


and Mrs. Peter Hughes (United Kingdom), by inheritance within the Hughes family.

- 1991

Hughes Family (United Kingdom), transferred to the Hughes Family Trust, 1991.

1991 - 1999

Hughes Family Trust (United Kingdom), sold through an intermediary to Galerie Hopkins, Thomas, Custot, 1999.
Source: JPGM Paintings Department, curatorial files, communication from Waring Hopkins, Galerie Hopkins, Thomas, Custot, 1999.


Galerie Hopkins, Thomas, Custot (Paris, France), sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1999.

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