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Rearing Horse

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Rearing Horse


Adriaen de Vries (Dutch, about 1556 - 1626)




Netherlands (Place Created)





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49.5 × 54.6 × 17.8 cm (19 1/2 × 21 1/2 × 7 in.)

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Object Description

This rearing horse's two rear legs, upon which he balances his powerful bulk, serve as the sole support for the body of this large animal. Pawing the air and tilting his head to the left, the horse electrifies the space around him. The sculptor Adriaen de Vries further suggested the animal's vitality through the open mouth, flaring nostrils, and protruding veins on its belly. The horse's lack of shoes suggests that this is a stallion kept for stud.

De Vries executed more than a dozen bronze statuettes of horses and horses with riders, only four of which survive or are securely identified. This is one of the rare signed ones. The horse's daring pose makes it a tour de force of bronze casting, and the beauty of its patina, or surface treatment, testifies to the artist's reputation as an exceptional bronzemaker.

possibly 1658

Antoine Brun, baron d'Aspremont, French, 1599 - 1654, possibly by inheritance to his son, Claude Ferdinand, marquis de Brun, 1664.

possibly 1658 - 1716

Claude Ferdinand, marquis de Brun, French, died 1716, by inheritance to his son, Agalange Ferdinand, baron de Brun, 1716.

1716 - 1746

Agalange Ferdinand, baron de Brun, French, died 1746, by inheritance to his heirs, 1746.

1984 - 1986

Same Art Ltd., sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1986.

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  • Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), December 12, 1998 to March 14, 1999
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  • The J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Center (Los Angeles), October 12, 1999 to January 9, 2000

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