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The Music Lesson

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The Music Lesson


Gerard ter Borch (Dutch, 1617 - 1681)




about 1668


Oil on canvas

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67.7 × 55.6 cm (26 5/8 × 21 7/8 in.)

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Object Description

"Love will prevail as long as there is music and merrymaking," wrote Dutch poet Jacob Cats in the 1600s; this painting exemplifies Cats's slogan. As the elegantly dressed woman plays the lute, a man, who may be her instructor, keeps rhythm and time with his hand. The foot warmer in the lower left corner symbolizes love, and the bed suggests an amorous relationship between the man and woman, maybe even seduction.

Gerard ter Borch always set a mood, creating a subtle psychological interplay between the people in his intimate paintings. He delighted in meticulously describing and contrasting varied textures: the soft pile of the woman's velvet jacket, distinguished from its plump white fur trim; the shimmer of her pearl-colored satin dress; the dog's soft, wavy fur; and the variations of wood grain in the cello, furniture, and floor. He noticed even the most minute details, such as the nails in the floorboards and the brass door handle. Ter Borch created about eleven paintings of female lute players, often repeating the motifs of the woman in the satin gown and fur-trimmed jacket, the dog, the foot warmer, the four-poster bed in the background, and the partially opened door.

- 1763

Possibly Zeger Hasebroek [possibly sold, Hasebroek sale, Leiden, April 26, 1763, lot 37.]

- 1779

Chevalier Gabriel François Joseph de Verhulst (Brussels, Belgium) [sold, Verhulst sale, de Neck, Brussels, August 16, 1779, lot 84, to Pierre Fouquet, Jr.]

1779 -

Pierre Fouquet Jr., 1729 - 1800 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

- 1795

Charles-Alexandre de Calonne, 1734 - 1802 (Paris, France; London, England) [sold, Calonne sale, Skinner & Dyke, London, March 23, 1795, lot 32.]

- 1825

Prince de Galitzine [sold, Galitzine sale, Laneuville, Paris, February 28, 1825, lot 39, to Lambert Jan van Nieuwenhuys.]

1825 -

Lambert Jan van Nieuwenhuys, 1777 - 1862 (Brussels, Belgium)

- 1830

Possibly John Fairlie (London, England) [possibly sold, Fairlie sale, London, 1830.]

1830 - 1843

Possibly Michael Peacock, 1785 - 1843 (London, England) [possibly sold, Peacock sale, Foster's, London, February 28, 1844, lot 12.]

1845 -

Charles Heusch, by inheritance to Frederick Heusch.
Source: Michael Hall, curator of Rothschild collection.

- 1871

Frederick Heusch, sold to Lionel (Nathan) de Rothschild, 1871.

- 1879

Baron Lionel (Nathan) de Rothschild, 1808 - 1879, by inheritance to his wife, Charlotte de Rothschild, 1879.

1879 - 1882

Charlotte de Rothschild, née von Rothschild, Austrian, 1819 - 1884, by bequest to her son, Alfred (Charles) de Rothschild, 1882.

1882 - 1918

Alfred (Charles) de Rothschild, 1842 - 1918 (Seamore Place, England), by inheritance to his nephew, Lionel (Nathan) de Rothschild, 1918.

1918 - 1942

Lionel (Nathan) de Rothschild, 1882 - 1942 (Exbury, Hampshire, England), by inheritance to his son, Edmund (Leopold) de Rothschild, 1942.


Edmund (Leopold) de Rothschild, English, 1916 - 2009, sold to Tancred Borenius, April 15, 1942.
Source: Michael Hall, curator of Rothschild collection; Rothschild Archive London, Rothschild family, Lionel 228/147.


Tancred Borenius, 1885 - 1948 and possibly W. E. Duits, Ltd. (London, England), sold to John Enrico Fattorini, probably 1942.

by 1944 - probably 1949

John Enrico Fattorini, 1878 - 1949 (Bradford, Yorkshire, England), probably by inheritance to his daughter, Agnes Elizabeth (Fattorini) Roach.

probably 1949 - 1997

Agnes Elizabeth (Fattorini) Roach, 1908 - 1995, sold, Sotheby's, London, July 3, 1997, lot 7, to the J. Paul Getty Museum.

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