Hector and Sugar

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Hector and Sugar


Milton Rogovin (American, 1909 - 2011)




United States (Place created)


1973 - 1992


Various, see extensions


© Milton Rogovin

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Milton Rogovin photographed inhabitants of the Lower West Side district of Buffalo, New York, over a period of twenty years. The elapsed time allows the viewer to witness the development of several families. In the first photograph, Hector and Sugar stand close together against an outside brick wall, framed by basement windows. Head cocked to the side, he looks cocky and defiant. In contrast, she looks uncomfortable as she stands rigidly upright. Eleven years later, the intimacy of the two had blossomed into a brood of nine grouped on the stairs and porch of the family's home. Baby strollers abound in the weeds like ersatz flowers. In the most recent image, grandchildren appear, though not all family members from the previous photograph are present. Most notably Hector is absent, provoking curiosity about the turn of events that has reconfigured this family group.