Giovanni di Ser Giovanni Guidi (Lo Scheggia)

Dates(Florentine), 1406 - 1486
BornSan Giovanni Valdarno, Italy
DiedFlorence, Italy

A notary's son and younger brother of Masaccio, Giovanni di Ser Giovanni Guidi was once a mercenary soldier. In 1421 he was working in a International style painter's workshop in Florence and probably also collaborating closely with Masaccio's workshop. By his 1430 enrollment in the Guild of Saint Luke, he was called "Scheggia," meaning splinter, a Tuscan nickname given to individuals of slight stature or to someone who is associated with wood. Between 1436 and 1440, he collaborated on the intarsia, or wood-mosaic, designs for cupboards in Florence Cathedral's new sacristy. He joined the painters' guild in 1433.

Giovanni's known paintings are primarily small panels intended for private devotion, mostly depicting the Virgin and Child, and paintings for furniture, including paneling and strong boxes. He also painted birth salvers, including one for Lorenzo de' Medici's birth in 1449. Until 1969, his works were often attributed to the Master of the Adimari Cassone, also called the Master of Fucecchio.