Charles-Nicolas Dodin

Dates1734 - 1803

"Pale-faced and agreeable," Charles-Nicolas Dodin arrived at the Vincennes Porcelain Manufactory when he was only twenty, having first studied military engineering; he was soon described as "having a good talent and making a lot of progress" as a porcelain painter. Like most beginners at the factory, his early works were in monochrome, but he soon graduated to a more complicated polychrome palette. He specialized in painting scenes after François Boucher, landscapes, chinoiseries, and figures. His initial wage of twenty-four livres soon grew, and by the time he was forty, he was earning one hundred livres as one of the factory's highest paid painters. He earned four livres a day for overtime work, as well as bonus payments and an accommodation allowance. By the end of his career, Dodin had become "the most skillful painter in the workshop." A contemporary remembered him as "one of those [painters] who brought the most honor and profit to the manufactory." He always signed his works with the mark K or k.