Cesare Targone

Datesactive late 16th century

Prior to the discovery of the signed relief of The Virgin Mourning the Dead Christ, now in the Getty Museum's collection, goldsmith Cesare Targone was known only from inventory documents. Although he signed this work OPUS. CESARIS. TAR. VENETI, indicating a Venetian origin, the style of his work suggests that he was probably trained in Rome. Supporting this conjecture is a document indicating that in 1582 he was a member of the Congregazione dei Virtuosi al Pantheon (Assembly of Illustrious Artists), one of the most prestigious artists' organizations in Rome. In 1585 records show that he was in Florence working with Antonio Susini on Giambologna's gold reliefs for the studiolo of the Medici Duke Ferdinando I, but Targone's role in this project is not specified.

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