Francesco (or Filippo) Saverio Maria Grue (Saverio Maria or Saverio Grue)

Dates1731 - after 1802

Francesco Saverio II Maria Grue was the last member of the renowned Grue family, long connected with the manufacture of maiolica at Castelli in the Italian Abruzzi region, to play an important role in maiolica production. When he was twenty-seven, after working with his family in Castelli, Francesco Saverio applied to enter the royal porcelain factory at Capodimonte, founded by the king of Naples in 1758. The factory's manager refused his application, however, on the grounds that the technique of miniature painting on porcelain was different from that on maiolica, the medium to which Francesco Saverio was accustomed.

Francesco Saverio finally entered the factory in 1771 and four years later became its director of painting. In 1794 he was promoted to director of the tornanti (ceramists who work on the potter's wheel) and three years later was listed as a tornantehimself.