Antoine-Nicolas Martinière

Dates1706 - 1784, master 1720

The works of Antoine-Nicolas Martinière, one of the most famous enamelers of clock dials during the reign of Louis XV were constantly admired and discussed during his own lifetime. He supplied dials to the best clockmakers of his day. An article in the Mercure de France, the Paris newspaper, from April 1740 describes a request from the king for a clock with an unusually large enamel dial. When other makers could not guarantee their success:

Monsieur Martinière, Enameler...undertook it and was so successful in every respect that he had the honor of presenting it himself to His Majesty, who was pleasantly surprised....We have all the more reason to assume that M. Martinière will be able to progress yet further because he embodies various talents which are necessary for him to succeed.

A year later, Martinière was named emailleur et pensionnaire du roi (Enameler and Pensioner of the King). He belonged to a family of enamelers that included not only his father, described by the Mercure as an "able" enameler, but also his two brothers and three cousins.

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