Boreads Painter

Datesactive 575 - 550 B.C.
NationalityGreek (Lakonian)

The Boreads Painter directed one of the most important pottery workshops in Sparta some time in the years between 575 and 550 B.C. He decorated vases in the black-figure technique and may also have been a potter. As with most vase-painters, the real name of the Boreads Painter is unknown, and he is identified only by the style of his work, namely his particular way of drawing figures' eyes, ears, knees, and hips and his habit of encircling the pictures on the interior of his cups with a band of pomegranates.

The Boreads Painter is named for an image of the winged sons of Boreas, the god of the north wind, pursuing the Harpies, on a cup now in Rome in the Museo del Villa Giulia. Although scholars have identified only a few works by this vase-painter, he probably decorated only cups, not larger vessels.

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