Eagle Painter

Datesactive 530 - 500 B.C.
NationalityGreek (Caeretan)

The Eagle Painter potted and painted vases in the black-figure technique in the later 500s B.C. He worked at Caere in Etruria, but he probably emigrated from Ionia. In Etruria, the Eagle Painter appears to have operated a workshop with one other artist and several Etruscan assistants. As with most vase-painters, the real name of the Eagle Painter is unknown, but he is named after his frequent depiction of this bird.

In the mid-500s B.C. many Greeks fled from their cities on the coast of Asia Minor due to Persian military activity in the area. The style of the Eagle Painter's work was heavily influenced by the vase-painting of these East Greek cities, but enough differences exist that scholars doubt he was apprenticed to any Eastern workshop. It is unclear where he actually learned his craft.