Palermo Painter

Datesactive about 430 - about 400 B.C.
NationalityGreek (Lucanian)

The Palermo Painter decorated vases in the red-figure technique in one of the Greek cities in Lucania in South Italy. He was one of several artists in a group of vase-painters that scholars refer to as the PKP Group. Many vases by this group have been found at the site of Herakleia, and some scholars believe that the workshop was based there. The Palermo Painter decorated large vessels with mythological scenes. His figures have a characteristic elegant and monumental quality.

As with most ancient artists, the real name of the Palermo Painter is unknown. He is identified only by the stylistic traits of his work, which include the way in which he drew eyelids and the pelvic girdle on his nude male figures. Scholars named him after a krater in the museum in Palermo, Italy.

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