Orazio Gentileschi

Dates1563 - 1639
BornPisa, Italy
DiedLondon, England

Orazio Gentileschi apparently came to painting only in his early twenties, and by the late 1570s or early 1580s he was painting figures in fresco in several Roman churches. During the early 1600s, simplicity of composition, clear, precise contours, and a rich blend of bright, cool, and warm colors characterized his art. By late 1622 Gentileschi had moved to Genoa, where he worked for the duke of Savoy. Four years later, he was working in Paris for Marie de' Medici and was so much in demand that wealthy patrons commissioned him to create "autograph" variants of his more famous works. After a short stay, he relocated to England to become court painter to King Charles I. His daughter Artemesia, whom Gentileschi had trained and who became one of the few successful female painters of her time, joined her homesick father there shortly before his death.