Bachiacca (Francesco Ubertini)

Dates(Florentine), 1494 - 1557
BornFlorence, Tuscany, Italy
DiedFlorence, Tuscany, Italy

A student of the artist Perugino, Bacchiacca developed an eclectic and highly personal artistic style that retained something of his training in the Renaissance precepts of balance, clarity, and order even as he absorbed Mannerism's playful distortions of these rules. Bacchiacca borrowed from numerous sources, including the work of northern artists such as Albrecht Dürer, the classicizing engravings by his contemporary Marcantonio Raimondi, and the Mannerist paintings of his onetime collaborator Jacopo Pontormo. Bacchiacca is best known for his small panel paintings with unusual combinations of color. In 1523 he worked with Pontormo on painted bedroom decorations, an influential collaboration which led to Bacchiacca's emphasis on crowded surfaces and the ambiguous, subjective space characteristic of Mannerism. By the early 1540s Bacchiacca returned to more conventional classicism based on Michelangelo's models. Later on, he provided designs for tapestries. By this time the second generation of Mannerists--Agnolo Bronzino, Giorgio Vasari, and Francesco Salviati--had become rich sources of motifs for Bacchiacca's art.