Johannes van der Bent

Datesabout 1650 - 1690
BornAmsterdam, The Netherlands

Johannes van der Bent usually painted figures in pastoral landscapes. He may have developed his predilection for this subject from his teacher, Adriaen van de Velde, who depicted meadows and other views, often with herdsmen and cattle. Another likely influence was Nicolaes Berchem, a prolific painter, draftsman and etcher. Van der Bent's paintings in the manner of Berchem are so similar that they have at times been wrongly attributed to Berchem. Since some scholars consider Berchem to have been one of the most talented, versatile, and well-paid artists of his time, it is not surprising that van der Bent would have emulated his style. Other than his teachers, little else is known of van der Bent's career.