Antoine Foullet

Dates1710 - 1775, master 1749

Antoine Foullet specialized in the production of elaborate clock cases. He worked as an independent ébéniste until he was almost forty years old, when he finally registered with his guild as a master ébéniste. The inventory taken in 1775 after his death shows that his workshop was still in full production at the end of his life: there were six work benches equipped with tools, as well as a large stock of clock cases. The inventory also notes several cases made entirely of bronze. As strict guild regulations forbade ébénistes from working in bronze, it seems that Foullet was selling merchandise outside his trade.

Foullet produced works almost exclusively in the Rococo style, although his inventory mentions works "à la Grec" (in Greek taste), a term that would apply to the design of the Getty Museum's clock, a fine example of this early Neoclassical style.

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