DatesGreek, active 100 - 1 B.C.

Likinnios is known only from the signature Likinniouinscribed before firing on the underside of The Getty Museum's lead-glazed head vase. What this signature means is not clear. While Likinnios may have been the name of the owner of the vase, it is more likely that the inscription is an artist's signature. Even then, Likinnios's role in the creation of the vase is not certain. He could have physically formed the vessel, or he might have owned the workshop in which the vase was produced, with the signature functioning like a trademark. In either case, the style and technique of this vase indicate that Likinnios worked in Asia Minor in the first century B.C. The Greek cities of the eastern Mediterranean were major production centers for lead-glazed pottery in the Hellenistic period.