Girolamo Campagna

Dates1549/1550 - 1625

Girolamo Campagna dominated sculptural production in Venice in the last decades of the sixteenth century. He won the most important commissions of his day and supervised a large workshop of masters, apprentices, and pupils. Born to a furrier in Verona in 1549, he moved to Venice in 1572 to study with the sculptor Danese Cattaneo. After the death of his teacher, he took on Cattaneo's unfinished commissions, including several large public projects. In 1590, while working on commissions for the high altars of two major Venetian churches, Campagna began producing bronze sculpture for the first time. Campagna became so famous that an agent of the Duke of Urbino reported that he could pick and choose his projects and "had to be handled with kid gloves." According to legend, when his commemorative marble statue of Duke Federigo da Montefeltro was criticized, he was outraged and wrote a public letter listing his major achievements. Campagna is particularly known for the dramatic, expressive style of his later work.

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