Leagros Group

Datesactive 525 - 500 B.C.
NationalityGreek (Attic)

The workshop of the Leagros Group consisted of painters who decorated pottery in the black-figure technique in Athens from about 525 to 500 B.C. As contemporaries of the artists working in the new red-figure technique, the members of the Leagros Group were among the last black-figure painters. The Group favored big vases like hydriai, amphorae, and kraters.

Very aware of the innovations of the red-figure Pioneer Group in composition and drawing, these painters used them on their black-figure vases. They portrayed vigorous and complex actions and groups of overlapping figures, while using little added color. Some scholars have suggested that the Leagros Group was the black-figure side of the same workshop as the Pioneers, but this remains difficult to prove. Graffiti on both groups of vases does show that they were marketed by the same traders.

As with most ancient artists, the actual names of the painters in the Leagros Group are unknown; their work is identified only by stylistic traits. The Group takes its name from the use of the kalosinscription Leagros. Although some individual artistic personalities such as the Acheloos Painter can be discerned in the Group, most of the painters so closely resemble one another that their work cannot be separated.