Étienne-Augustin Le Roy

Dates1737 - 1792, master 1758

√Čtienne-Augustin Le Roy was born into one of the most successful clockmaking families of eighteenth-century Paris. His father, Charles Le Roy, founded a workshop in 1734, which his son operated until the end of the 1700s. Clock movements produced by both the father and son were always signed Charles Le Roy.

Le Roy's workshop was located on the rue St.-Denis, the center of the luxury trade in eighteenth-century Paris. The workshop specialized in watches, producing about eighty a year; the courts of France, Sweden, and Saxony, as well as the French aristocracy, collected Le Roy watches. Le Roy rose to become horloger du roi (Clockmaker to the King), delivering his clocks and watches directly to Louis XVI. The appearance of Etienne-Augustin's name on the electoral lists at a time when a man's right to vote depended on his yearly income also points to his success.