Stephen Johnson

Datesborn 1955
BornMerced, California, United States

"As a photographer, my goal is to reproduce as faithfully as possible what I see with my eyes," explained Stephen Johnson. A native Californian, he attended San Francisco State University. From the beginning of his career, Johnson documented the California landscape and championed environmental preservation efforts. He curated, edited, and designed At Mono Lake, a book and touring exhibition focused on the endangered central California lake.

An educator as well as photographer, Johnson is also a pioneer of digital imagery. As early as 1989, he had begun to use computers as photographic and design tools, and he helped design some of the imaging capabilities for Adobe Photoshop software. In 1993 Johnson co-created the exhibition and publication The Great Central Valley Project, one of the first photography books designed entirely using an Apple Macintosh computer. He has lectured and taught throughout the world and runs his own photography, publishing, and consulting business.

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