François Stella

Dates1563 - 1605
BornMechelen, Belgium
DiedLyon, France

Though many generations of his family were artists, little is known about François Stella's life and education. His father was a Flemish painter, who probably was his son's first art teacher. His own sons and grandchildren also became artists.

In 1586 Stella traveled to Italy with a Jesuit priest; the two made drawings in Tivoli and Rome. Five years later he had settled in Lyon, where he painted numerous altarpieces and frescoes. Around 1600 he painted a series of frescoes, now lost, depicting the Seven Sorrows of the Virgin for the church there. He also painted secular commissions including landscapes, portraits, and historical subjects, many of which no longer exist. Stella was named master of Lyon's painters' guild in 1602.

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