Maurice Jacques

Datesabout 1712 - 1784

Maurice Jacques published books of decorative prints and is known as a flower painter, but the bulk of his designs were produced for the weavers of the Gobelins tapestry manufactory. He began working at the manufactory in 1756 as a peintre et dessinateur en la Manufacture Royale des Gobelins (Painter and Designer for the Royal Gobelins Manufactory) and continued until his death. He made alterations in other painters' designs but specialized in producing the elaborate, wide borders known as alentours. These rich borders, filled with flowers, fruits, animals, birds and symbolic objects, surrounded a central subject, presenting it as a painting within a frame. Jacques often worked with François Boucher, who designed central subjects for tapestries; the records of Gobelins note that he "zealously followed Monsieur Boucher's comments and was pleased to make all the changes that he thought necessary."