Pierre Contant d'Ivry

Dates1698 - 1777
RolesArtist, Designer

One of the most celebrated designers working in the late Rococo and early Neoclassical style was Pierre Contant d'Ivry, who produced designs for furniture as well as buildings. Contant d'Ivry, who held the title of architect to the king, worked only with very rich and influential clients such as the duc d'Orléans. Among his most famous designs were the Madeleine church in Paris and a renovation of the Palais Royal for the duc d'Orléans.

A colleague described Contant d'Ivry's design for the Palais Royal as an ideal compromise "between the two excesses" of the Rococo and the classical styles. Even the philosopher Denis Diderot agreed: he published the plans in his renowned Encyclopédie in 1762, only six years after the building was finished.

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