Anton Maria Maragliano

Dates(Genoa), 1664 - 1739

Born to a poor Genoese family, Anton Maria Maragliano first found success working with the furniture maker Pietro Andrea Torre. Inspired by Torre, who produced wood sculptures and sculptural groups for Genoese confraternities, Maragliano found his calling.

The Genoese confraternities became Maragliano's principal patrons; for them he produced many naturalistically painted wood sculptures: crucifixes, figures of saints, and narrative scenes from the Bible or the lives of the saints that were affixed to floats or carried in processions on feast days. Maragliano's first documented work of his own invention was a two-figured group of Saint Michael and Lucifer. This piece was followed by innumerable sculptures produced by Maragliano and his workshop. His fame reached as far as Spain, and he even produced designs for the sterns of ships for the king of Spain, where many of his wood sculptures were exported.